The Meanings and Influencing Factors of Honesty among Education Students

Abstract for First Conference of Indigenous Psychology

by Faculty of Psychology, UGM

Yogyakarta, 2010


Anna Armeini Rangkuti & Herdiyan Maulana

Department of Psychology

Education Science Faculty of Jakarta State University

Teachers should be honest persons because they are as model for students and surrounding people. However, it can be denied that several teachers have misconduct behavior. It can be found from case of dishonesty behavior during National Examination by giving examination questions or answers to the students. Moreover, in Riau Province 1.082 teachers used false documents or papers to get certification. According to Becker (2006) that dishonest behavior in work place has been influenced by dishonest behavior when they were student. This study describes the meaning and influencing factors of honesty among 507 education students who become teachers. Data was analyzed using indigenous psychological approach. The result showed that the meanings of honesty are as presence, factual, not lie or cheat, a truth, and based on inner self. This study also found that the students internalized the honesty value from parents, personal interest, religion, and friend. Meanwhile, friend, situation or condition, and personal interest become main factors that pushed dishonest attitude and behavior.

Keywords: honesty, dishonesty, education student, teacher


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